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We regret Cambridge Cohousing has ceased to operate and the Society will be dissolved. This website and resources will remain public until June 2023 to share information.

Cohousing resources

Do you want to find out more about cohousing? These are the resources we recommend:

Our public document library

During the lifetime of the group we produced many documents – we have made a selection of these publicly available for reference or re-use in our Document Library. These include project costing calculators, the Project Feasibility Study developed by The Urban Advisory with assistance from a WEL Energy Trust grant, our Society Rules, Membership Agreement and Values Statement, presentations and slideshows, submissions to hearings, press releases, annual reports and more.

In New Zealand, Earthsong in Auckland and Dunedin's High Street Cohousing Project are similar ventures that are established or in progress and will give you an idea of what's involved. Earthsong has regular open days where you can hear about cohousing and experience their village neighbourhood.

The Cohousing NZ Facebook group is a good place for news of specific local projects, general cohousing discussions and to make contact with other like-minded people.

Creating Cohousing: Building Sustainable Communities is the definitive book about cohousing in the United States. It introduces the concepts and variations and includes a number of well established case studies. It is by Charles Durrett and Kathryn McCamant (New Society Publishers, 2011). is a United States association supporting cohousing communities. It has a good overview of what is cohousing or check out the UK perspective below. A recent US article makes The case for cohousing: where responsibilities are shared and life is a little less lonely.

It's not a commune! Joe Atkinson from LILAC in the UK explains (in under 2 minutes).