Unfurling new fern frond or koru. Image by Michael Gaida from Pixabay

We regret Cambridge Cohousing has ceased to operate and the Society will be dissolved. This website and resources will remain public until June 2023 to share information.

What were we about?

Our project was a positive response to the unaffordability of the housing market, isolation and loneliness in our neighbourhoods, and aimed to utilise the land and environment better. Begun by a Cambridge family, we grew to include over 10 households. We wanted to share the dream of home ownership, in a sustainable way, providing affordable housing and creating a vibrant, connected community.

What happened?

We had signed an MOU with a landowner, but were eventually forced out by a neigbouring development company with deep pockets. Waipa District Council is now building a roundabout, roading and stormwater infrastructure over most of the 3ha of organic land. Having failed to find any more suitable land, we have given up. See our news and events for more.

What the heck is cohousing?

It may be relatively new to New Zealand, but cohousing is well-established overseas. In a cohousing community you own a private dwelling and have access to shared indoor and outdoor common spaces, utilities and gardens. There are a number of cohousing projects established or underway across the country. Check out our list of resources for more information.

What might it have looked like?

We had hoped to be a multigenerational community, with financial and social advantages for singles, couples or families. Cohousing can be a great fit for all. Find out more about how cohousing could be right for you and your whānau.